About Us

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Over the past several years, LeakSquadPlumbing.com has been conducting post foundation repair plumbing tests on homes that MBRGFR.com has repaired.

A Plumbing test is performed in order to ensure that leaks do not exist after a foundation repair has been completed. Leaks will likely compromise the home and the foundation work that had just been completed.

Throughout the years, several different 3rd party companies were utilized and MBRGFR.COM consistently had problems with other companies either price gouging our customers and/or leaving them uninformed of issues with their plumbing system(s).

In order to better serve the needs of our mutual customers, LeakSquadPlumbing.com was formed. This would facilitate a much smoother operation; as everything would be able to be handled in house. Since then, LeakSquadPlumbing.com has become a company that is thriving within MBRGFR.COM as a whole. We have plumbers on staff in order to serve you and answer any questions that you may have, and as expected, any transition of paperwork between companies is as smooth as ever.

Services Offered:

Static Sewer Tests
Hydrostatic Domestic Testing
Leak Locations (Domestic & Sewer)
Slab Leak Repairs
Pier & Beam Repairs
Surface Drain Repairs
Spigot Repairs
Sewer Auger
Hot Water Heater Installation
New Plumbing
Shower Conversions
Tub Replacements